Apparently the New Jersey Nets have signed Duke’s very own Brian Zoubek to a contract. Unfortunately, Zoobs is not guaranteed a contract, rather he signed a “make-good contract”, which is an invitation to training camp. If Zoubek makes the cut in training camp, then he gets a guaranteed contract.

Nonetheless this is exciting news for Blue Devil fans. If anyone told me last year that Zoubek would have the opportunity to make an NBA team, there’s no way I would’ve believed it. Zoubek really? No. Way. In. Hell.

I remember seeing Zoubek for the first time as a freshman at a party. A few of us were in a room when someone whispered excitedly that Zoubek was here. I remember watching wide eyed as this seven foot monstrosity had to bend down just to get through the door. He was the biggest human being I’d ever seen.

Unfortunately Zoubek’s size was never a benefit in his first three years at Duke. He struggled with everything: injuries, fouling, defense, offense, the works.

Even in the beginning of his senior year he still seemed like a deer caught in headlights. But suddenly, everything clicked for the big guy. I don’t remember the game, but all of a sudden Zoubek put together all that he had learned over the past four years: how to be an effective and devastating screener, defensive and offensive rebounding, and assuming his role on the team.

It cannot be discounted that Zoubek was as crucial a part of the team as the trio of Smith, Singler, Scheyer. His rebounding, toughness and leadership allowed the Blue Devils to win the National Championship last year.

So good luck Zoubek. Duke University appreciates all that you gave to us over the last four years. We wish you success in the NBA.


One response to “Zooobs!

  1. its was vs Maryland @ Duke…16 point, 17 rebs..in 22 minutes of play…it was the first start for Z of the season…good call K

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