DEMON DEACS: Last Man Standing

Skylar Jones

The quarterback situation will be very interesting during summer camp at Wake Forest. The Deacs would like to have a quarterback who has durability, good judgement, accuracy, speed, and a strong arm. However, from what I’ve observed during the spring scrimmage and several practices, I am not too sure that all those attributes lie in one person.

During the beginning of the spring , I saw the QB situation as a two-man competition between Skylar Jones and Ted Stachitas. Skylar was fast and very elusive whereas Ted was fast with great pocket presence. Skylar emerged as the leader because he was the last man standing. However, as the summer approaches the Deacs are still searching for a quarterback and the competition is wide open. Anyone of the following QB’s could be under center in August:

Tanner Price: (A true freshman with a strong arm) He has a lot of zip to his ball. He throws a ball with a nice spiral, but he gets rid of the ball too early.

Patrick Thompson: (A grey-shirt freshman with good size) He may have the strongest arm of all the qb’s, but he needs the most work. He holds the ball too long and has the tendency to throw uncatchable balls.

Brendan Cross: (Red-shirt freshman with a great pedigree) He is a true leader. He provides a spark to his team that is an intangible that is hard to measure. He can run and he has a strong arm too, but he is inconsistent with his throws (some spirals and some lame ducks; some on target and some way off target).

Ted Stachitas: (Red-shirt Sophomore from Nease,  FL) He has a perfect blend of athleticism and leadership qualities; he  has most of the traits that one looks for in a quarterback,  but he has been hampered by injuries.

Skylar Jones: (Red-shirt junior who runs a 4.30 40yd. dash) He is the fastest qb on the team and may be the most durable. He has a decent arm, and he is working on his finesse throws. However, he has the tendency to rely on his legs rather than his arm which may be an asset in Grobe’s Wing-T misdirection offense.

When the dust settles at Wake one of these guys will be the last man standing.


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