Kyle Parker to return to Clemson this fall

I’ll keep this short and sweet.  At ~12:30AM EST, Kyle Parker declared that he will indeed return to Clemson to play football this fall.  Tiger fans everywhere celebrated as the news came in.  Parker will be a sophomore quarterback, after finishing up a freshman season that saw him complete 20 TD passes. He also hammered 20 homeruns for the Tiger baseball team this spring/summer. 

Per Yahoo Sports, “Someone once said there is something in those hills at Clemson,” Swinney said. “At the end of the day, whatever is in those hills was too much for Kyle Parker to turn down.”  Parker turned down a reported $2.4MM from the Colorado Rockies, who drafted him in the first round at pick 26.  Negotiations are said to continue between Parker and the Rockies, with the signing deadline at August 16th. 

I think former Clemson Tiger CJ Spiller summed it up on Twitter well:  “Im glad my boy KP decided to stay another year, now my clemson folks can be at easy and not wry ab the season.”  Amen to that, CJ.


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