FSU Let’s Game Slip, Costs Them Their Season

Boy, it’s tough to be a Seminole sometimes these days.

Many Florida State fans assumed that the Noles had their game Wednesday night against TCU in the bag. 7-2 going into the bottom of the 8th. It looked like FSU would have to start worrying about UCLA and forget about the Horned Frogs. But, as put on display, you can never assume in sports.

TCU scored 9 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning off of a grand slam and two run homer to take an 11-7 lead going into the top of the 9th. FSU couldn’t respond, which led to a farmiliar site for Noles fans- an early exit from Omaha. And losing the way FSU did made this loss even more hurtful, and probably unforgettable for many Noles fans.

Another thing that was a huge letdown for Seminoles fans is the fact that Mike McGee was the relief pitcher who blew FSU’s lead in the bottom of the 8th. The guy who finished for FSU all season, through saves, walk offs, and everything in betweeen for Florida State, couldn’t finish in the biggest game of FSU’s season.

A game that will definitely leave a sour taste in FSU fans and player’s mouthes, many Seminole fans are also looking on the bright side of this loss. No, you can’t be excited about how good the team was doing at the beginning of the game and think they might be coming together, because, to keep it simple, the season is over. But the fact that FSU underachieved this season and was one of the last 6 teams playing college baseball is a good thing. Because face it, the Noles weren’t supposed to be in Omaha. But they fought and clawed to it, and that is an achievment in itself.

So that’s the season for the Seminoles. It’s over. As a Florida State fan, I would have hoped for more success in Omaha, but it was a great accomplishment for the Noles to even be there. For that, I congratulate them. And regardless of how sour the loss to TCU was, the win over Florida to knock the Gators out of contention was very sweet. So for the last time of this baseball season, Go Noles!


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