“Cinderella” strikes again! Clemson goes 2-0 in CWS

I’m guessing that almost every other Clemson fan was as disappointed, and nervous, as I was last night when the game was halted due to inclement weather.  Sure, it was late on the east coast, but who really wanted to allow Clemson to lose their momentum, or give Oklahoma a chance to find theirs?  Game 8 was called in the sixth inning and was to resume at 4:30PM EST today.  And, it did.  And, the Clemson Tigers were able to maintain momentum and pull out another College World Series victory, and four straight wins!

In typical Tiger fashion though, there was a bit of drama and fans were holding their breath.  Would the Tigers give up the 5 run advantage as they’ve been known to do?

Today’s portion of the game was about Clemson pitching, as the offense didn’t do anything to add runs.  Will Lamb was the “starting” pitcher today.  Good news to Clemson fans after the top-notch performance he had against  ASU on Monday.  He was not quite as commanding today, as he gave up a homer to Seitzer in the 7th inning and another solo homer in the 8th by Ogle to bring the score to 6-3 before being relieved by Leone (star of the ‘Bama Super Regional game).

Leone didn’t last long today, and was charged with the final run, a result of a lead-off single by Ellison in the 9th.   Alex “Mr. Save the game” Fredrick gave up a double to Ogle to score the final run for Oklahoma.  The final score:  6-4 Clemson.

Clemson will play either USC or Oklahoma on Friday at 9PM EST.  USC and Oklahoma play at 7PM EST on Thursday.


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