Another Cinderella Story? Clemson stops #1 Seed ASU

After being delayed 16 hours, into the following day, the Tiger bats continued to be ON FIRE, though the long-ball didn’t come into play.  The Tigers left the bases loaded in the first two innings – no runs scored, but setting the tone for just how well their squad can hit the ball.  Clemson racked up a total of 14 hits against the number one team in the nation. 

Casey Harman was the starting pitcher for the Tigers, and once again had a very strong performance through seven (okay, a little trouble near the end).  He allowed four hits, two runs and two walks.  Alex Frederick stepped in to relieve Harman and finished the job with gusto.  Final tally:  Clemson 6, ASU 3.

Two errors, two balks, and simply inferior performance held Arizona State back from taking down the Tigers and assuming their position in the winners bracket.  Miller had an error for the Tigers, but overall, Clemson just outplayed the Sun Devils. Hits and walks (a career high 5 for ASU pitcher Blair) were evenly distributed amongst the Tigers.  Blair threw a career high 110 pitches, while Harman reached 100Ks on the season.

Both teams play on Tuesday, with the Sun Devils taking on the South Carolina Gamecocks in the day game 4:30PM EST, and Clemson taking on the Oklahoma State Sooners at 9PM EST.


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