Clemson Crushes Bama In Game Two of the Super Regionals

From the top of the first inning, there was no doubt that the Clemson Tigers came to win. Quickly racking up six runs in the first, the Tigers never lost momentum – even as Jake Smith launched another homer deep into left center. He hit it so far, the fans were looking for the ball behind the stands.

At the end of two, the score was 6-1. In the 3rd, that would change with Clemson players Hinson and Shaffer hitting back to back homers bringing the score to 8-1 and ending the game for Alabama starting pitcher, Morgan. He lasted 2 2/3 innings before Hawley came in to try to reclaim control.

The Tide would score another run in the bottom of the third, 8-2. Clemson would quickly single in another run in the top of the 4th and Bama would answer with a run of their own in the bottom of the inning. 9-3 Clemson. Freeman hit an RBI single in the 5th to score Boyd. 10-3.

As if there weren’t enough action thus far, the sixth inning would find the Tigers scoring another 9 runs! Capped off by a grand-slam by Miller. 19-3.

Alabama would score one more time on a solo shot by Wilson in the 8th, but they were never going to catch the Tigers on Sunday night. The final score 19-4 Clemson over Alabama.

The teams meet again at 1PM EST to determine which team will head to Omaha to face the #1 team in the nation – Arizona State – next weekend. I say…GO TIGERS!!!



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