Clemson Tigers: Super Regionals bound

In another slugfest at the Auburn Regionals, the Clemson Tigers endured and pulled out a victory against the number one seeded Auburn Tigers.  The final tally: Clemson 13, Auburn 7.

It was another huge night for Kyle Parker, beginning the evening with a 3-run homer to put the Tigers ahead in the first.  He also became “the guy” to throw 20 TDs in football and hit 20 home runs in baseball this year.  Later in the game, Parker would be drafted by the Colorado Rockies as the 26th pick overall.  It’s a bittersweet celebration for Clemson fans who are not excited to see Parker leave his position as quarterback of the football team, but are pleased for the young athlete to enjoy success in the pros, should he choose to enter the majors.

Adding to the scoring, Richie Shaffer doubled in three runs in the 7th.  Run support was key, as pitching efforts on both sides appeared less than stellar.  The Clemson team had 14 hits, and Auburn reached base 18 times.  It was also strong defense – three double-plays and twelve Auburn players stranded on base that helped Clemson retain the momentum and the lead.

Clemson (41-22)  hosts Alabama (41-23) at  Saturday June 12th at 6PM EST.



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