The State of ACC Baseball: Pre-May

The ACC Baseball season is about one month away from entering postseason. 26 days, to be exact. So where is ACC Baseball right now? What is the state of the league right now, when alot of people just start paying attention? Let’s take a look:

Probable Champion: There isn’t one. With Virginia being ranked the best in the land, Florida State hotter then anybody, and Georgia Tech having a better record then all ACC teams, it’s hard to say who is going to win the championship. And with the league being about 8 teams deep, there’s no team who would surprise me if they were the champion.

ACC Baseball Chances Of Having a CWS Champion? Very probable. Heck, if you consider home field advantage a big factor in regional and super regional play, the ACC will have about a 40% chance of winning a national championship. And with Miami always being a threat to go to Omaha, I think it might be safe to put money on an ACC team winning a championship. If the season ended today, the ACC would have three teams hosting super regionals. Wow.

Down To The Numbers: Check out the ACC standings below, taken from

(As Of April 29)
School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Florida State 14-7-0 .667 31-10-0 .756
Boston College 12-9-0 .571 24-17-0 .585
Clemson 11-10-0 .524 25-16-0 .610
NC State 9-12-0 .429 26-17-0 .605
Maryland 4-17-0 .190 15-30-0 .333
Wake Forest 4-17-0 .190 12-32-0 .273
School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Georgia Tech 16-5-0 .762 35-7-0 .833
Virginia 15-6-0 .714 36-9-0 .800
Miami 15-6-0 .714 31-11-0 .738
Virginia Tech 11-10-0 .524 29-14-0 .674
North Carolina 8-13-0 .381 27-17-0 .614
Duke 7-14-0 .333 25-18-0 .581

So what do you think of ACC baseball right now? Comment below.


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